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SCHOOL PRICING: Combine any SCHOOL items to reach quantity discount.

QTY               500+    1,000+    1,500+ 

DISCOUNT     10%       20%       25

PRICE:          $.90       $.80        $.75


A few notes for our School customers:

Tax-Exempt Number is required at check-out. 

Payment by Credit Card is the fastest way to receive your items

 Payment by Purchase Order is also accepted. Here's how:

  1. Place Order: Place all items in your cart, and enter proper billing and shipping info
  2. At Checkout: Simply choose "Check" as your payment option
  3. Submit the invoice to your school treasurer asking for Purchase Order
  4. Email your Purchase Order to camille@mybptags.com
  5. Your items will ship upon receipt of your purchase order.




Carabiners allow for quick and easy tag changes.

   We recommend 2 per student: 1 for the tag in use, and a 2nd for those not in use.


Items shipped upon receipt of payment or purchase order.  Tax-exempt number required.


ORDER any of the following ways:


CREATE A SET: Create a custom set for your school

ie: You would like every student to have 1 bus, 1 car, 1 care, 2 activity and 1 carabinerOrder the same quantity of each item. Sets will be bagged for easy distribution to each student. 


SINGLE ITEMS: Order exactly what you need

Any combination, any quantity.  (Great for: creating different sets among your students... extra tags... tags for a limited number of students... reorders... etc.) 


Need Custom Sets AND extra tags?

ie: You would like each student to have a set including: 1 car tag, 1 activity tag and 1 carabiner, but only need a limited number of care and bus tags for fewer students.  

Simply order exactly what you need, using both the CREATE A SET and SINGLE ITEMS.


  • Discounts & Shipping calculated at checkout. 
  • Tax-exempt number required to receive school pricing.  
  • Purchase Orders are Welcome. Terms: Net 15 days.
  • Min. quantity per item is 25 units.


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